We Live Inside A Dream


Okay an update is long overdue.. mainly so I dont forget things haha.. Spending a lot of time in the company of my new love Krissy. Let me gush please, because this time with this girl I think its for keeps. I know I have had a miserable run with TGirls I fell for, and I have bitched about how most seem to have a rather loose interpretation of togetherness. Krissy is different in many respects. First off she loves my family and thats important. But more than that she loves me in ways I didnt think were ever going to be possible via our shared lives in SL. We connect on so many things, and her warmth is genuine. We both came to find SL under similar circumstances, we are maybe a year apart in age, and she loves alot of the same music I do.vvv_007

I think most of what I enjoy about her is the way she lets me know over and over she is watching me, and we like to tease back and forth even when there is a bunch of things going on. I won’t go into our private stuff, but yeah she really knows what sends me over the edge, OMG.


I day dream about our future together, and I feel like I can trust and believe in it. I wanted to talk about some of the changes in the world of SL DJ’s too..but I think I want to leave that for a seperate post just about music. Today I am feeling ecstatic about love and the shared feelings I am showered with from this very special person. I hope for everyone who lives in SL like me, can find the one that makes everything special..there is nothing quite like it. xxx_010

It’s Not Unusual


It’s 2:20 a.m…. I can’t sleep…so instead of tossing and griping at my self, I am going to post a little update bloggy bit.. Well, of course my in -world profession is steadily going on. I make smiles with music in more and more ways, including recently doing a themed Surf music set! That was a challenge, but one I found very rewarding. My Cyber Wednesday gigs at the Crystal Rose while not hugely attended is perhaps one of my faves to perform. I do spend a good amount of time going to listen to my DJ family and friends. Miss Fitch and her very beautiful Steampunk Saturday gigs, and Sundays at my good friend Eri’s Confessions set at Blacklist Bar, and also been rather enjoying Azkadellia’s obsession with the 80’s at TransDimension.


While dancing and shopping are an almost daily focus, there are smaller but equally enjoyable things I do.. I like to sneak off by myself and sail in my little boats..its not the same as racing around on my bikes or cars, or planes for that matter…those thing require some intense focus and reflexes…boating is floating..very nice way to relax.


In the ever important search for a romantic connection, I am happy to say that I am getting on with a wonderful TGirl named Krissy.. We are still tenderly feeling things out, and she took the most important step of speaking to Miss Fitch directly about dating me. This went extremely well, and I am feeling buoyant again about another person to share smootchy stuffs ( I am an incurable romantic ).

me and Krissy

Miss has been super intensely busy preparing things for the summer Lovefest event in August. The annual event celebrates H.P.Lovecraft’s birthday. Miss Fitch does the entertainment side of things, so she is busy busy auditioning performers and also building the stage! I love what she has been making! You so gotta come to that event!


My SL daughter Lisa is moving towards hosting instead of dancing, so I will be graced by her bubbly energy at my Cyber Wednesday gigs at the Crystal Rose..She pondered if we are the first Mother/Daughter team ever in SL ! I don’t know about THAT, but I do know we will make a perfectly fun show for guests!


Lastly I wanna say I had one negative in-world moment..I believe I sussed out my wretched Ex-GF in disguise , and despite my being calm and diplomatically offering an opportunity for the wretch to at the very least apologize, I got nowhere..so! Blocked ! … I actually felt good about it.. I will take it to mean I have a much more positive outlook these days! Yay me!


3 Years In The Making


In the aftermath of tragedy out in RL, there is a little moment of squealy happy for me in my virtual safety zone. I have finally, after 3 years of spinning tunes for happy people, achieved a personal goal! I am now listed as one of the TOP 20 DJ’s in SL !! OMFG!! top40


There is something very rewarding about reaching this plateau. and I owe it all to the love and shared contributions of my Miss Lady Fitch, my beloved friend Azkadellia, and to my friends and family who rally to my little gigs and vote each song.  Thank you all and my love and kisses are endlessly for you! Oh, and the Chicken Song is for Ashley, and WangDangSweetPoontang is for Miss !! Ha!


jjj_002Orlando..horrors…pain…sadness..hope for the healing of the injured and grieving..unable to really add more words to complete a picture of a broken world..Let’s be strong together and get through this my sisters and brothers. Love is all I have to offer.


Spooky Princess


Been a much more normally relaxing time in my fantastic world of wonders. I am actively spending alone time and wandering to various simulations filled with both art and oddities. I still do my sets and spend time with my family, but in order to avoid feeling let down by the ladies in my community ( TG ) I don’t hang out unless there is someone in my circle. This sounds like I am avoiding people , and perhaps I am. I saw in the Rose House group that my wretched ex-girlfriend Kolt had logged into her account 3 weeks ago. Not surprisingly she didn’t have the humanity to drop me an apology or explanation.  That is fine, I had already concluded she is nothing more than a LAME GUY in hiding.


Happily, there are enough people I can trust in. Meeting new people too! Brave , beautiful ladies who live and dare to challenge the worlds acceptance of non-binary genders. This is extremely rewarding and adds to the overall experience of being me. The summer is changing the way people use SL too. I have begun to notice that inevitable decline in club goers. This is alright, it affords me the opportunity to broaden my musical stocks. My dear friend Azkadellia has become rooted in the 80’s hits lately, and I have an upcoming event she wants, so I have been searching for 80’s songs that hopefully she missed!


This weekend I am gonna try and hit a concert or two..I love those kinds of things in SL, and a group I belong to has some really awesome ones lined up! Oh!! And I need to congratulate my little sister Ashley! She celebrated her 2 year with Miss Fitch anniversary on last Wednesday! I am very proud of her!! okay, back to getting dressed for the concerts!! Mwahs!!

Red Right Hand


I went to a club where I work. It was a day off for me, and I had hoped to relax have fun and socialize with others like myself. Within perhaps 20 minutes I was reminded once again why it’s hard to be around other so-called TG girls in SL. Rude comments and aggressive posturing by a few of the guests, and the DJ there, sucked all the fun out of the room. I don’t know why these people don’t just wear male avatars. They display all the traits and behaviors I associate with immature and sexually retarded boys. It was very disheartening and I left.


Luckily I was able to escape to a deserted sim , filled with beauty and calming music. I stayed there for easily an hour, meditating as my Miss has taught me to do when stressed. I want to share the location, but fear it’s uncrowded status might vanish if I did. I will just say that it was healing to be there. I have to remember that there are many reasons behind why people choose the avatar they wear in SL. I don’t always understand why, or what they get from it. *sighs* I need to find other places to socialize, that are less filled with brainless males, digitized as girls.