Vehicle Fun !!


Something gradual has taken place for me over time in second life. I have found that I love the different vehicles one can enjoy there. My first love is motor bikes, but I want to do a singular post about JUST this post is about the other ways I like to travel. My friends Terra and Lisa both enjoy boats, and I didn’t think much of that until I went on Terra’s PT Boat. I was at the SL 12th birthday thing and got my own battle barge, and I took it for a dip…it was easy to sail and all I need is a crew now!ggg_004 ggg_003

Another freebie from the party was a super cool MIG fighter…now flying in SL is a real challenge, but this jet had an auto leveler, so I never went upside down and crashing into peoples houses…don’t laugh, I’ve done it!



My most favorite thing lately is driving hard in my new cars… I have two that I just love from Exquisite motors..a fast moving one called the Furai..and my little cutey drift car the Dragon MK 5.. I really get off on trying like hell to set lap times on a few places..Route 101 and Racers Island…I am always wondering how people are getting 11 second laps…might be my computer lags out at 300 mph!! Ha!

ddd_001 ddd_002

I am mostly in SL to be a sexy DJ, and I do that much better than I used’s certainly my first love in SL ( gawd knows I don’t ever get hit on) so music and shopping are first..but more and more, vehicular mayhem is fast becoming my second second life ( that makes sense, right? )..Ha!



Happy Birthday SL !


I went to the big party being held for SL’s 12th anniversary…I been here now 2 plus years and still love everything about it. The event itself is huge, and lots of freebies! I got planes, boats and fangs!! a girl needs fangs, right? There is going to be a migration to the updated and hopefully shiny version of SL in the next couple years, and I know that alot of my inventory is going to be stuck in SL ver.1.12 and that makes me a bit sad…but as long as there is this version I will be here, looking sexy and having fun with the people I have grown so fond of. Once the new SL goes live, I will be there and hopefully as awed by the place as i have been this current version..and even though I hear many people saying they won’t move over, I expect that just like the arrival of mesh bodies and clothes, people will head over to see the new and ride the rides…so, Happy Birthday Second Life..and a toast to the new one about to be born! Oh!! and there was a PELICAN at the party!! PERFECT!!!!

fff_006 fff_004 fff_002

Fantasy Gear


One thing I love to do , and sadly dont do play dress up in various themed outfits. One of my most fave things about being in SL is the seemingly endless looks I can explore…from a sexy spy on a boat to Havana, to a robot cyborg assassin, to a broken dollie and everything in between! This look I have on is all about being a knife wielding cutey in search of some elder scroll or amulet , or some thing Tolkien- like .. I drained a gatcha machine at the most recent Fantasy Fair to get this Ultra-Rare ensemble from Penumbra..the hair is from Exile called Downtown Natural…the sim I went to was a secret nawty forest of bondage lovers called Wildwoods…hmm..I suppose I might ‘explore’ there again some time…See you there!! ( ya pervs! )

eee_004 eee_005

Fathers Day Present

I was going to try and do a bit of documenting places I love in SL, and so it being fathers day and all I chose to do a few pics of my SL dad Othius Zane’s place…It is going away in a week or two I am told be his lovely lady Candy, so I figured this was a good time to capture it. He made the build himself and it sits high in the air. He decorates it much like I remembered his old club Exile was..right down to the giant images of his loved ones up on the wall.. He called it Vlos D’Rathir…I might have to ask him wot that means Lol…Anyways, this is to remember the fun times here, happy father’s day dearest Dad….

ddd_010 ddd_009 ddd_008 ddd_007 ddd_006 ddd_005

Barely There


Ok, my photo sessions by myself can reach fever pitch…I have a very evocative in the spirit of showing off, I went from these sexy straps by Tay Lay…again with the Muka pentagram undies…bbb_002

To this sweet and sultry body suit by SALT…now I want to pass on a good word for SALT’s designer Marie Therese…I had a HUD issue when I got the bodysuit unpacked…sent her a short blah…she got back to me and was relentless until she fixed the quirky HUD…I am told I was the only person having this bug so I was a little unsurprised really…but her attention was really excellent..fixed me all up and OMG I look hawt!..and YES!! Thats applied over my Maitreya Lara mesh body! ! So, BIG HUGS  Marie…thanks luv!

ccc_005 ccc_004 ccc_003

What Do I Mean By Skimpy?


I like to show off… I like to express my virtual sexuality by both dressing skimpy and exposing my body in ways that catch the eye.. There are clothes that really do both for me…One of my favorite designers for this effect is R2.. I was first introduced by my friend StarRaven , a GM at Insilico… This dress in the images are the Anzu ( black )…the shoes are from another of my favorite designers Razor ..Velocity heels.  ..The body I am wearing is the Maitreya Lara..I really love the curves it has..sexeh!…oh! and the undies i have on with the awesome pentagram strapping is made by Muka 🙂

aaa_002 aaa_005 aaa_006

On Looking Dark


So, I like to dress in darks. Blacks and skimpy..That is a daily goal for me..and omg it sometimes starts with the shoes! this began by wearing shoes from Riske…these are the Fin Heels for Slink High feets.. the dress is from Plasik and its the Nyla Dress:Hatch…the fur and pearls wrap is from Coco…I dont usually wear bracers, but sometimes if I am switched to my Maitreya Lara body I keep Slink hands and feet on and use things like stockings and bracers to hide the join… I get lazy about re-colouring the skins lol..