Some Kinda Lovin’

I promised a bloggy post about fashions, so here goes.. not like I have an news romantically to report HA!… Okay, in SL there are designers who are extremely good at making full sets that are themed and wonderful..Here is a Moon Elixr example of a full setrrr_001 I have a folder called ‘Costumes’ that holds many things like that. I go each day looking for how I am feeling, and then if there is a fully designed set, easy peasy… but my personal joy is taking bits from many different things and creating my own look.. here is a steampunk example of wot I mean..LLL_002

That outfit is made from 7 different designers! It looks to my eye like it all came as one thing! HA! .. Another thing I love lately is hats! Headgear is very wide ranging and sometimes I just plop a hat on and create the rest of the look to match it! Here is a mix of very old stuff from Corins ( I made it into an applier ) and newer gear, with a very excellent hat!!.qqq_001

My last example combines a little head wear, with one of my favorite styles ( Asian ) and is also kinda skimpy..ooo_001 Now, a word about skimpy stuff.. I LOVE TO SHOW SKIN!!! But, I do appreciate it more when a person knows how to balance skin and clothes.. I don’t always get it perfect, but I do love the struggle..HEHEHE!!! OKay  peoples! see you next post!! Mwahs!!


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