Long Time


In the interest of being up to date a little, here is the current flow of my SL life. I am now employed by my long time friend Daxia Darkbyrd, at her Blacklist club… twice a month I get to dazzle her guests with tunes! I have been a member of The Blacklist since maybe week one of my SL life..thats 4 years ago !! So it is an extreme honor to be added to her list of skilled and awesome DJ’s !!


I been also enjoying the recent rebuild of TransDimension ..Azkadellia who has been a loyal boss lady and friend has been working hard and it is finally paying off. The club is seeing a major increase in guests and regulars! I did my part and stayed true to her vision of how the place will operate, and she even took a little advice from me.. SEX! Yes, sex is now a feature for guests to explore in the upper reaches of the club! YAY! It may not sound like a big deal, but it has been something the club struggled with in terms of the competition.. People who come to SL are very into the sexual expression as an avatar, so it was a good decision on Az’s part.


Final note for this post.. I had the pleasure of relaxing for a change.. I and my long time besty Terra, took my sailboat out for a long and slow sail..  we had time to just sit and talk about everything.. she, like me, has been through alot in terms of romance on SL.. we both agree that it is tough to find real extended happiness..she is a little more hopeful than me about it popping up..he he he he..I am NOT as hopeful..but thats fine.. I am in a great place with what I do, and the people I call family.. and as for kinks, well..there is this hottie I keep bumping into every so often…and rawrs… there is some fun kinky fireworks that happens 🙂 … okay! more fashion stuff next post! I SWEAR!!


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