The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore


So, wot have I been up to this week? Quite alot actually !! The second life Sci Fi convention for 2017 has been open, and I had to go see for myself. Last year the event was a delight to wander, and it was so well planned out and all the areas were tied together seamlessly. That is sadly not the case this year. I was pretty stunned at the confusing mish mash of vendors, and even though the event was loosely themed around the elemental ( Air, Fire, Water, Earth ) there was only disconnected confusion from my point of view. Have you ever been to mainlands and thought how chaotic everything looked? That is the visual effect of the SciFi convention this year. hhh_002.png

Musical stuff I did this week included a visit to Blacklist to hear Eri. Lots of fun. Back at TransDimension the roster of DJ’s is expanding nicely. The new people are really adding to the place and if you are TG in SL or not, you ought to be there. We have a delightful DJ who came from Stocking Tops ( closed now, sadly ) named Letty, and she spins some very contemporary indie styles. The other DJ that has just started is one of TransDimensions long time VIP guests, Tia Tobias. I used to tease her about being ‘The Professor’, because she was often sending song requests that were ear-opening. She started just last night as a DJ and I was super impressed. Tia, like most DJ’s I know, has her own particular style and musical view, and I was happily bouncing around to her stuff. Try and come to the club if you can, there is more and more hosts and DJ’s it seems each week. I am very glad I get to be among them. Candice the owner is hiring new dancers if anyone reading this is interested.

As for other news, Innsmouth sim has been going through a renovation and it is almost ready to re-open. The Deep Ones shall rise again! Miss Fitch opened up her little creation she calls Penumbra and it is VERY busy with people coming and going to check it out. It is listed in the destination guide if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing spot.

No news on the romantic side of SL from me. That is not a huge deal really.. its been a year since I was seeing Mondy, and 6 months since seeing Krissy. After those relationships crashed and burned I pretty much give up on finding ‘the one’.. When I get too itchy I go have pixel nawtys and all is good for a while. Hehe.. iii_001.png


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