Tangerine Speedo


In Second Life, some of us actually view it as just that, a life. Often very removed form the day to day real life events and people we all have. I am like that. I live each day , working and playing, socializing and flirting. I had a brief talk with my SL daughter Lisa, who has been repeatedly meeting guys that demand she share her real life details, much to her consternation. I sympathize, as I rarely share the more intimate details of my life with people. There are certainly a few in my personal circle that I DO let know what is going on out here, but generally I prefer to frolic and enjoy my second life as how you meet me.. a gorgeous and quirky girl.eee_001

I am always the same person no matter who I meet, or where I go.. that even extends into other online gaming places..Like EVE, Star Citizen and heck even Star Wars Battlefront :)…. I use my SL avatar image and likeness when designing characters, and am always Frenzy Lekvoda in my on-screen name. I know that some people need to be as ‘real’ as they can in second life, but that does not feel correct to me…and I actually like it that I know more than a few who feel the same way.. Miss Fitch, Lisa and a few others are just exactly who I know them as.. little things are shared, and that is nice..but we live our lives in SL just fine without a whole deeply shared knowledge of the ‘real’ person.. They are still family no matter wot. I hope you have SL family too, and take them as they present to you.. it is kinda perfectly magical that way. 🙂ccc_004


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