Full Circle

I was asked last night at a grand St. Paddy’s day party in SL why I don’t write my blog lately. I paused and wondered myself. I used to feel excited and wanted to share my romantic, foolishly hopeful feelings via this blog. I think after my last attempt at online love, I lost hope. I can’t trust people. I can’t fully believe when someone says that I am the ONE, and how the pixels are just a safe mask in front of real feelings. That is like pillow talk , isn’t it? It gets me every time. well , not anymore.ddd_003.png

I still find myself getting hit on for nawty stuff, but now I am not stupid and i go get freaky and then go on my way. My heart does not get sparked now. You might shake your head or pout, but lets be honest. People lie, cheat and make a mess of romance in the virtual world exactly the same as the real one. I was reminded of how dark the hearts are of some people when Izzy Spirit tried to casually wander into TransDimension and park her lying ass at another DJ’s set. I made the call to the on duty manager to eject and ban her. I cannot have this human trash coming to a club I consider a second home, and darken the lives of some of my best friends with her predatory bullshit.ddd_001.png

Do I hold a grudge? No, I do not. I am actually protective of those people there that have made me still want to return week after week to play and spin music. If that means I have to call out filth like Izzy Spirit for wot they are, I will. So, I guess on the other side of where this post started, I am more involved with my friends and family than ever. I might have no romance, but what I have instead is intense and amazing. More posts in the near future, never fear :).ccc_003.png


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