Lost In Space

Hi hi there peoples of SL ! Yes I been away from writing my posts… for good reason. I was let go by yet another GF in SL…sighs.. I guess I am come to the conclusion that romantic relationships via SL , while rather exciting and rewarding at times, are also too easily abandoned. That makes them less than optimal for me. So, back to doing the things I know won’t let me down. Like spending time with my SL family and freinds. Oh! and DJing of course! I did step into a new fun game that is in development and 2 years away from release, but it might become my go-to for fun and adventures in ways the SL can’t do. Here are some images I modified to show off the coolness of the place as it stands now.

Lt.Frenzy On Deck Frenzy in The Hanger Frenzy at Station

Well, thats all for now .. I am not sad about being dumped.. I am meh about it actually.. I got some great memories of the time I was with the person.. those are mine.. moving forwards! Into the future! woo hoo!


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