Fox On The Run


Time for an update! I been away on vacation, and I meant to do a post before now but I got all lazy HA! So, first off … This weekend is the start of the Lovefest, in support of the Innsmouth RP sim..all very spooky stuff and will have an adventure of course and vendors galore..most importantly will be the fantastic performers. My Miss, Lady Fitch is the event entertainment coordinator and her own set’s will be incredible. She has gathered up some of SL’s best in world talents including the Elysium dance group and Paris Cloyd ( an astounding live guitarist!). There will be readings of H.P.Lovecrafts writings and a few spooky films shown too!


On a personal front I have been spending time with family and my love Krissy. I been bowling with my big sister Jann..hehe.. I have never officially beaten her in 2 years of bowling against her but I think she LET me win last week! This next photo shows I am not bad once in a while! Ha! In your FACE Jann!


Krissy and me are super happy. She takes time out of her busy life to spend time each day. I watched her race around her sim making insane changes to the place, she is a rather excellent terraformer! We have lots of fun teasing and trying to out do each other with getting into cool clothes..pretty much she is the best GF I ever could be fortunate to fall in love with. She loves the stuff I play at my sets, and is daily getting closer to my beloved family.. She still has to meet my SL Dad Othius, but he is being lazy about coming around so she can relax , hehehe!


I am gonna do a post about Lovefest next week after it has been running a little.I still have to do my 3 year re-dedication to Miss Fitch somewhere in the mix of madness and mayhem! 3 YEARS!! How many SL sub’s can claim THAT in their profiles? Ha!



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