Bring Back The Spark

The first thing I have to say is that in world , love can be found. I have been trying for a long time to find the most comfortable and trustworthy person who would be as equally enjoying this virtual life , and also connect beyond its electronic border . Krissy is that person. I’m not exaggerating, this time all the pieces fit and we have a healthy and prosperously happy time. It can be a little at a time some days, due to the time zone thing, but she makes sure I know each day how much being with me makes us both feel. This and many more reasons are why I am so relaxed and happy these summer days.


There is always my family who with my beloved Miss, that have been able to help me through many ups and downs as I searched for a romantic partner. The security and protection they give has kept me balanced and healthy. I know they all will celebrate the day I met Krissy. She is steadily getting closer to each of my family, as they in turn get to know her.
Where former girlfriends made me anxiety ridden, and feel awkward, Krissy has the opposite effect on me. I feel calm, beautiful and confident. I love her sense of humor, her gentle patience with my hectic DJ lifestyle, but most of all her openess and honesty. I feel it in my entire life. This one is the real thing. That sounds funny to prolly most people, being that we met in a virtual machine world. But it’s true.


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