We Live Inside A Dream


Okay an update is long overdue.. mainly so I dont forget things haha.. Spending a lot of time in the company of my new love Krissy. Let me gush please, because this time with this girl I think its for keeps. I know I have had a miserable run with TGirls I fell for, and I have bitched about how most seem to have a rather loose interpretation of togetherness. Krissy is different in many respects. First off she loves my family and thats important. But more than that she loves me in ways I didnt think were ever going to be possible via our shared lives in SL. We connect on so many things, and her warmth is genuine. We both came to find SL under similar circumstances, we are maybe a year apart in age, and she loves alot of the same music I do.vvv_007

I think most of what I enjoy about her is the way she lets me know over and over she is watching me, and we like to tease back and forth even when there is a bunch of things going on. I won’t go into our private stuff, but yeah she really knows what sends me over the edge, OMG.


I day dream about our future together, and I feel like I can trust and believe in it. I wanted to talk about some of the changes in the world of SL DJ’s too..but I think I want to leave that for a seperate post just about music. Today I am feeling ecstatic about love and the shared feelings I am showered with from this very special person. I hope for everyone who lives in SL like me, can find the one that makes everything special..there is nothing quite like it. xxx_010


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