It’s Not Unusual


It’s 2:20 a.m…. I can’t sleep…so instead of tossing and griping at my self, I am going to post a little update bloggy bit.. Well, of course my in -world profession is steadily going on. I make smiles with music in more and more ways, including recently doing a themed Surf music set! That was a challenge, but one I found very rewarding. My Cyber Wednesday gigs at the Crystal Rose while not hugely attended is perhaps one of my faves to perform. I do spend a good amount of time going to listen to my DJ family and friends. Miss Fitch and her very beautiful Steampunk Saturday gigs, and Sundays at my good friend Eri’s Confessions set at Blacklist Bar, and also been rather enjoying Azkadellia’s obsession with the 80’s at TransDimension.


While dancing and shopping are an almost daily focus, there are smaller but equally enjoyable things I do.. I like to sneak off by myself and sail in my little boats..its not the same as racing around on my bikes or cars, or planes for that matter…those thing require some intense focus and reflexes…boating is floating..very nice way to relax.


In the ever important search for a romantic connection, I am happy to say that I am getting on with a wonderful TGirl named Krissy.. We are still tenderly feeling things out, and she took the most important step of speaking to Miss Fitch directly about dating me. This went extremely well, and I am feeling buoyant again about another person to share smootchy stuffs ( I am an incurable romantic ).

me and Krissy

Miss has been super intensely busy preparing things for the summer Lovefest event in August. The annual event celebrates H.P.Lovecraft’s birthday. Miss Fitch does the entertainment side of things, so she is busy busy auditioning performers and also building the stage! I love what she has been making! You so gotta come to that event!


My SL daughter Lisa is moving towards hosting instead of dancing, so I will be graced by her bubbly energy at my Cyber Wednesday gigs at the Crystal Rose..She pondered if we are the first Mother/Daughter team ever in SL ! I don’t know about THAT, but I do know we will make a perfectly fun show for guests!


Lastly I wanna say I had one negative in-world moment..I believe I sussed out my wretched Ex-GF in disguise , and despite my being calm and diplomatically offering an opportunity for the wretch to at the very least apologize, I got! Blocked ! … I actually felt good about it.. I will take it to mean I have a much more positive outlook these days! Yay me!



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