Spooky Princess


Been a much more normally relaxing time in my fantastic world of wonders. I am actively spending alone time and wandering to various simulations filled with both art and oddities. I still do my sets and spend time with my family, but in order to avoid feeling let down by the ladies in my community ( TG ) I don’t hang out unless there is someone in my circle. This sounds like I am avoiding people , and perhaps I am. I saw in the Rose House group that my wretched ex-girlfriend Kolt had logged into her account 3 weeks ago. Not surprisingly she didn’t have the humanity to drop me an apology or explanation.  That is fine, I had already concluded she is nothing more than a LAME GUY in hiding.


Happily, there are enough people I can trust in. Meeting new people too! Brave , beautiful ladies who live and dare to challenge the worlds acceptance of non-binary genders. This is extremely rewarding and adds to the overall experience of being me. The summer is changing the way people use SL too. I have begun to notice that inevitable decline in club goers. This is alright, it affords me the opportunity to broaden my musical stocks. My dear friend Azkadellia has become rooted in the 80’s hits lately, and I have an upcoming event she wants, so I have been searching for 80’s songs that hopefully she missed!


This weekend I am gonna try and hit a concert or two..I love those kinds of things in SL, and a group I belong to has some really awesome ones lined up! Oh!! And I need to congratulate my little sister Ashley! She celebrated her 2 year with Miss Fitch anniversary on last Wednesday! I am very proud of her!! okay, back to getting dressed for the concerts!! Mwahs!!


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