You Know You Love Me


Wot an incredible week it’s been! Miss Fitch worked tirelessly on completing the change of the dark swamp section of the Rose Lands. I shall have to do a full blog post to show all the many details, and it’s a big wow..I liked the swamp alot, but no one ever hung out there! I think now its more inviting..Miss spoke of adding it to the destination guide. O.O ! I better work on my people skills!~☺~


I had a great weekend, and of course I go to hang with members of my family. Ame came out with me to TransDimension dancing late. Then I took Ashley to a latex party but she couldn’t deal with the lag so well, so after she logged I went back home. We have a friend named Paris who was sitting on our beach when I logged in on Sunday, so I dragged him to the Blacklist to hear Eri spin some deeply gothy tunes. He might not have been quite prepared for the amount of dickgirls there, but I know he liked the music!


Afterwards, it was time for motorbikes and surfing at the awesome sim of the Hell On Heels MC. I never surfed in SL before and I had so much fun! My SL daughter ( Lisa Fallbrook ) has changed her name to Karma, and she come down to get some sun on her pale pixels! Woot!

mmm_002 mmm_003

Afterwards we went to an Aerosmith concert but it got canceled last minute ( Joe Perry chipped a tooth, chopped it up and snorted it) ..So we went to see Prince play instead!! He is awesome for being recently deceased! nnn_001

SO that was the week that was! I won’t get all maudlin about having TGirls bragging about screwing anything that moves, gawd.. I am serious, it’s a nightmare trying to have a good relationship in SL. Anyways!! Look for the Rose House Upgrade post soon! Mwahs!






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