She Comes in Colours



     Gonna talk about the ladies in my life here. First it was mother’s day and after a rough RL I came in world to get the sweetest bunch of hugs from my daughter Lisa. This girl is nothing less than the bubbles in my champagne,and I know she means it when she says love yous.
Her WP blog is here https:// /


Next would be Eri, the techno demoness.. part confidante, part inspiration. She adds a bit of cheeky wisdom, along with wonderful music to my life. So glad I know her. Here is Eri’s WP blog by link


     Less frequently seen, but cool as hell, StarRaven from Insilico is a lady who makes me giggle and act like  I was in grade school. She works hard at Insilico, so I made it my mission to drag her ass out to take needed breaks!


     Last and certainly not least is Lady Fitch. My core focus daily is serving her, and admiring her as she blithely runs the Crystal Rose, the Rose House and the family. She has just started reworking the dark swamp portion of Rose Lands into something fantastic and magical. I don’t have her skills, so I lose my breath when I watch her create.    


   I may not be very lucky when it comes to love, and finding a partner..but these ladies bring warmth and creative power that lifts the spirit.. I’d be happy to have only this , if that’s all my SL will be.


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