Wot ?


It’s an epidemic. There seems to be a wave of romantic break ups! My sister is getting divorced in world now, having finally given up on a wife that’s been checked out. I already mentioned my besties Lisa and Terra splitting. My own loss of still sits on my mind some. I also hear quiet muttering from a few friends privately of unhappiness and that likely could lead to more parting. Is it spring fever? Not in my case, but almost everyone’s new freedom is a little wild surge of lust is going on.
      I am still resolved to maintain being single. I don’t usually get hit on, just random flirty IM’s that end quickly. I am being more direct with people. I tell the men I am TG, that often shuts down the chat. And TG girls must have crazy bitch radar when it comes to me. So be it. In three years I’ve had zero serious offers to be partnered. It does make me a bit sad to see people break up, and also hook up. I know how to have fun, so I still live each day in my bubble of family love. Miss Fitch and Ashley keep me laughing. The DJ shifts are a happy distraction, and going dancing to friends gigs. I won’t deny I still hope I meet that person who is fond of me enough to share this virtual life with, be faithful and steady. Excuse me, I have to go find some prim bunnies to kick in frustration.



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