The One and Only


      This week has been active for me and the rose house family. We took time to see the fantasy faire, omg. So huge and filled with beautiful builds. I can’t think of why a person would want to just sit around on pose balls endlessly when this kind of thing is happening. Highly recommend you take a few hours to get to see this beautiful event!
      On the romantic front it’s all quiet. I am pretty resolved to getting used to a SL life without anyone. After the last year of disappointment and tricks I am honestly exhausted. I had a brief chat with someone I dated a while back, Julie, and she was kinda saying to me she felt as jaded as me. I admit I was surprised, Julie always struck me as a typical TG girl..ready to get kinky with any stray cutesy with an aeros cock. I guess I’m not the only one who yearns for a singular relationship. I found that to be kinda sweet when I listened to her.
     On the upside, I’ve made stronger connection with a few of my DJ friends and even had one of my songs played by Eri at Blacklist. This has lead to Keliana asking me for the song tracks so she can remix them! I’m very excited to hear wot she will come up with!



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