Fools Gold



     So I held off writing the next chapter in my tale largely because I don’t know what to say. I spilt with the girl I was dating, for a couple reasons. She was partnered and that meant I had to take a back seat to that relationship. I was also under the impression I was her exclusive sex interest, I came to find out that was not the case. Par for the course with virtually every TG girl I dated. So for my own sanity and sense of fairness I walked. Miss Fitch was right to make me hold off getting deeper sexually.


     There has been another big turn of events in world…my daughter Lisa and my dear friend Terra have undone an eight month partnership. They didn’t end in flames and angry words. Still it’s tough to know that two people I care about are sad. They are both very strong and I am certain they can find a way to be close friends. I am more and more jaded about virtual romantic things this week..not gonna rule out the possibility, but it’s like looking for diamonds in the dark.



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