I Melt With You


      Time to get caught up on the things.  Most on my radar as I did the usual wide range of activities was the seemingly final collapse of an SL historically epic sim, Insilico. I felt genuine pangs of sadness as I read the final farewell blog post by long time designer Skills Hak. The story is a little blurry but the gist is LL had enough of Skills dancing on the edge of TOS violations. So, for now the plug is pulled on one of the most popular and beautifully done sci-fi sims. I am getting insider info that a couple of the more involved design RP’ers are attempting to reclaim the remains of the city. I really hope they can convince LL to unlock the doors and reopen. I would love to DJ that party!


    Also this weekend I got to spend some awesome  times with Mondy, big sis Jann, and of course my diverse and quirky family. Miss Fitch took me and Ashley to the sci-fi convention couple of times which was cool. You really start to see how many different types of role playing gets done in world! I did a fun set at Trans Dimensions, a heroes versus villains contest. And I wrapped up the weekend musically with a visit to the Black List to hear DJ Eri. I don’t think I slowed down until Sunday night when Miss Fitch ran a movie at home! All told it was pretty great to be where I am most happy, in world with wonderful people.



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