Hard To Beat


     A DJ post today! Lately I’ve been doing a little more work using a powerful music software..my hope is to one day soon be able to perform my cyber Wednesday sets live.. it takes a fair amount of preparation and creative cleverness to sustain two hours of entertainment. My personal goals are to be ready by summer.
     I have already done a few little tunes,and last night I played them at the club my Miss built, the Crystal Rose. I particularly was thrilled that Pira and Konachan enjoyed my version of Bowie’s Space Oddity..I crafted it to be more like a conversation between Major Tom and ground control..
      Also lately at Trans Dimensions the boss lady Azkadellia has been encouraging me to help with having theme events. Last week we did a really fun Mad Max set. We even had a Thunderdome! It was great seeing all the people get in costume.. Az is a super person she’s a really clever DJ herself..


    This week is a circus theme and it’s sure to be a collection of animals, clowns and freaks.. I can hardly wait!


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