The Long Shot


      I think I will talk about partner stuff today. Over the past weekend, my dear friend Pira sent me a request to get partnered for a lark. We share a funny little background story with Lisa as our SL daughter. Pira was instrumental in helping me understand the situation with Kolt, and has become a very good friend. So, in my crazy world it was somehow perfect that I would elope with him. Our make believe marriage lasted 24 hours, my Miss didn’t see the humour in it. It was all fine in the end and a few feelings that I needed to express got talked through.


     Not talked about with anyone was a much deeper feeling. I have always wanted to be partners with someone. You could say it was my search for it that ultimately led me to Miss Fitch, the Rose family and most people I know today. I was ready to be partnered and the person I was going to be with stood me up at the alter. Crushing is almost inadequate to describe how I felt. So, almost three years later when cheeky Pira asked for a giggle to give Lisa  a proper binary family, a little bit of me was melancholy.
      I know it might seem silly, but in my SL life, the idea of having a partner looks so appealing. I am romantically involved with Mondy, who is partners for a long time with Alex. We won’t be getting married in SL any time soon.
     I’m not bitter. I applaud people who find each other and create bonds they can count on. A few people have said that I’m better off, that being single is more fun. Maybe.
     At least I can say that for one day a long held dream of mine was finally achieved. It was fake. It was a joke essentially. How it made me smile I get to keep forever. Thanks Pira Novikov. You did something for me I’ll never forget.



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