I Dream of Wires


     This week was another busy round of friends and fun. I did ALOT of spinning ! On last Friday I was part of a mad tea party thing that Azkadellia set up at TransDimension. Everyone got into the spirit of things and costumes were great! Have to say, Pira as the March Hare hopping around the dance floor was magical.


    There was some dramatic events going on with Insilico, closings and banning the owner! Happily it all got sorted, and I did a re-opening party sharing the bill with Jinxy. I still have no clue wot went down there!


     This week looks to be equally as busy, though less for me and more for people in my life that spin. Miss Fitch has two shows. Mondy has her normal weekly stuff. I have three sets, omfg! And Eri starts up kicking off the new once a month guest DJ thing at the Crystal Rose on Friday! Woooo!


     I will need to take a moment along the way to remember that my friends and family are people. They get tired, have feelings and emotions. Taking care of them in little ways is important. They do it for me, in different ways, and I would be so lonely without them. I am deliberately keeping myself busy because if I don’t, I know I’m gonna get all mopey about my all too brief time having a romantic adventure with Mondy.



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