All of Me


     This weekend was good overall, celebrated the rez days of two special people. My number one longest family member in SL Ashley, and our house sister Troi. I also had snippets of time spent with Mondy, which is always enjoyed.


     There was a little bit of negative feelings over something that happened as I danced at SMASH. A one month old noob strolled in and first word in local, all caps shouting, was a racial hate slur. I tilted my head and called out to eject him. No one did or said anything. He went off at me a little, and still he was allowed to stay. He started bumping around the room, as noobs sometimes do, and that’s when the DJ issued a warning. And yet again he goes off,still no ejection. I said ‘I’m outta here’.. I have not decided if I will be going back to SMASH again. I have zero tolerance for racists, and if that club can’t react to hate with any certainty why would I drop my money there?


     Mondy suggested speaking to the owners ( only one was there at the time) and explain wot happened. I am too angry at the moment, maybe after I calm down. People in virtual spaces should expect to run into assholes, the relative safety of avatar life makes it easy to be all kinds of dark and evil shit that a person could never get away with in Real. I was more surprised that a room full of people stood mute in the face of hatred. I will never silently accept it, and would spend my time where it’s not permitted.


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