Bird of Flames


      I will sound a little strange this posting, but it’s who I am. My SL is a blend of dreams and reality, so it all makes sense to me. My little sister Ashley had a beloved family pet pass away, so I wanted to get her something she could set out to remind her fondly. Pira had released a lovely set of flowers with a little vase, so I went to NOMAD to get some white ones. He spotted my skinny ass shopping, and he met me to warn me of some SL maintenance. Then he invited me to join him for a live performance at a fancy place. I was dressed kind of sexually aggressive, it was the mood I was in. He teased me to go change and ‘get some class’.. Cheeky bugger.
     We went to the event, joined by our rambunctious daughter Lisa. The music was soppy piano stuff, but I didn’t care because I was with two awesome people. I thanked Pira for his friendship, both me and Lisa find him to be total sweetheart.


     After Pira got called away ( I half suspected it was Kolt in her hidden avi called him ) I went to SMASH for my weekly pilgrimage to hear DJ Soda. Certainly one of my favorite DJ’s. Now here is where the dreams crossed back and forth. Miss Fitch has asked me to help with finding good DJ’s to do a once a month guest artist night. I had got Eri all good to go for March, and next on my list was Keliana. Keliana works at Blacklist and SMASH and is awesomeness. I had taken a short nap earlier and I dreamed about her. In the dream Keliana sat atop a huge dragon inside a wierd Tolkien-esqe version of SMASH, and hundreds of excited kittycat elf girls were watching and cheering her as she and her dragon were engaged in some crazy competition that Keliana,smiling huge and wild, was obviously winning. I know, I said I am strange.


          Lastly, my night was made special as Mondy arrived for her set. As soon as I am around her, everything feels like there is a party about to start. Our time zones are a bitch to navigate, so it really does test my ability to wind down and log out. Working on that , ha-ha!



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