Do You Dream In Colour?


      Short post today, kind of a quick catch all. In my DJ doings I did a Mardis Gras gig, and my Cyber Wednesday thing. That was great fun, and well attended! For my shopping adventures, I tried like hell to get into Collabor88, but it’s always full! I know that people are going there and just posing around like its a club instead of a shopping event. That has to hurt the vendors who take part in it, right? Hey! Posers! Nobody is checking out your bulbous behind at the Collabs!
     The weekend looks to be fun filled and busy! Miss has hired a new DJ at the Crystal Rose, Khaos Republic. I been asked to be on standby as a potential host at the big TD Hugo’s Latex party. I warned Azkadellia I suck at hosting, but if I have to help out I’ll do my best! Anyways, I’ll write a better post next time, I’m a little under the weather!



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