Drowning In Ecstasy


     Ok, this is your DJ.. And as such it has been quite a few days of changes and challenges. It’s official, I added a regular shift weekly at TransDimensions on Tuesday night. The boss lady Azkadellia asked me to help find a couple of regular DJ’s to fill in some of the mid day slots. I know a fairly wide range of DJ’s, but they have a good gig already or are not available daytimes. All I can do is ask around I guess.


     I recently did that night at Insilico, and made a couple of new fans..one called me up and said they were thinking of having a series of regular Sunday gigs at the little Reaktor bar. Nothing official yet, but I would like spinning there. Insilico is to me what Innsmouth is to Miss Fitch. A place outside my normal routine, and a large group of role players looking for a break and some fun.
     I can already guess that Miss will want to check on me asking if it is too much. But I reason it thusly, if I don’t spin then I get spun. Keeping busy prevents me from over analyzing and feeling desperate to find the perfect partner. I think I found the right person, but it is complicated.


     Last thing today on the funniest side of SL. My dear SL daughter Lisa always would tease me about who her daddy is. Well, she ran a paternity test on Pira the other day ( I am only mildly surprised they make them in SL! ) and low and behold ..Pira is her father!..where and how this happened is a complete mystery to both me and Pira..I am trying to remember that one night at the Chinese Cookie Club..hmmm..there was a lot of free vodka.. 😀



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