Big weekend of DJ gigs. Back to back gigs on Friday, most notably Eri’s grand opening of The Sanctuary. Once a month I will try and roll with a theme there and have some fun. Eri had the Blacklist over on Saturday, which is always a fun and lewd crowd. The music ain’t half bad either, with DJ’S Alix and London Callin crushing us with sound.


         Later in the evening I had a four hour set at Insilico. That was very well attended, requests flying and lots of lovely Cyber looks. My family came for a bit, and Mondy as well.




     The weekend ended with a relaxing Sunday. Cuddles, cars and a bit of time to hang out with my sister Jann. Right at the point where everything seems chill and fun, I managed to piss off Miss Fitch. Yay me. I wonder if she is growing less and less interested in keeping me around? People do always seem to get fed up and leave me eventually.



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