Truth Hits Everybody


     I have been a little while trying to figure out how to function properly. On the surface i may act ‘normally’, but I quietly wrestle with myself. Bad dreams keep waking me at night. You start to ask yourself questions about the nature of love. I dreamt of a field of green bushes. They were covered in tiny pretty insects. I was talking to Pira, and he was telling me how to determine the amount was in the field. He had a mathematic equation, and said it was only possible to get a general number. I said it was fine, I only was able to focus on one at a time. I watched a little winged bug sitting still on leaf.
      Pira’s voice behind me said “oh, she logged off”. I looked at him and he was avoiding my eyes. I said  ” you know who she is hiding as, don’t you?”. He nodded yes. I asked ” tell me who, so I can block her from my home lands”.. He says ‘ I can’t’..
    Then I woke up, my heart racing. Don’t know why I even care. It’s not like she ever did. ‘Stupid Frenzy’, I tell myself.



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