Promised Land


    I am feeling the strain of loneliness this weekend. I don’t want to be the Emo girl. I think something got broken after beavis ditched out on me. My dear friend Mondy and I got closer than I expected, and I followed my stupid heart and started to fall into love with her. I had to force myself to pull back. I couldn’t be more than a friend with benefits to her. Some people would be okay with that. My sense of wot is right from wrong told me to stop now before someone got hurt.
    I think I did the responsible thing and managed to save our friendship. I won’t deny that I cried. Left with that hollow yearning I tried to bounce from event to event, shopping and generally distracting my head. I can’t sleep very well lately, I’m really good at torturing myself.
      Yes, something got broken but I think my desire to find a person that contains humour, intelligence, passion for romance and openness still burns inside me. I’ve lost so much, I am going down in bits. Well, there goes my attempt to not sound Emo. Damn it.



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