Better Beliver

     Why does the heart want what it does? When I get in world, I am almost always excited. The promise of romance is always on my mind. But in the circles I move in, I am daily reminded that there is almost no one who wants that kind of commitment, at least with yours truly. The sense of jadedness encroaches ever deeper, and I find myself becoming withdrawn once the initial burst of pixels is dressed for the evening.


     I can’t help it though. I am on my flikr looking and favorite images of couples, friends in my SL list are paired off happily. The very idea of partners has always been a sought after thing as I met and even dallied with people through the time I been in world. So, why does the heart want wot it wants?


      Random sex is empty for me. Hollow and unsatisfactory, but for the overwhelming bulk of people in my community ( TG ) it is the main way people spend their time. I don’t judge anyone for logging in for that, but I also can’t help thinking wot a waste of potential. I guess each person finds happiness in their own way. I try to be more like them, but it never works for me. Each time I get involved I end up wishing I hadn’t. I turn inward, and go towards the one thing I actually do okay at… Spinning music.
     I was playing a song the last set I spun. It sparked a brief flurry of conversation about love and togetherness. A person was taken aback by the song, particularly when I called it the SL TG anthem. The chorus was ” My heart belongs to you, there is nothing that I won’t do, yes my heart belongs to you..but my cock is community property”..             I guess I should stay out of those conversations.




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