Dance, Magic Dance


The past 5 days have been a whirlwind of music and activity in my world. I knew I was gonna be all over the place, but I had clear objectives to see happen , and even though it was pretty chaotic everything went without a hitch. I will use this opportunity to post a couple links so please hit those as you read to better inform the density that can occur weekly in the world of SL DJ’s.

I did my normal set on Friday night, hard rocking at TransDimension. The was easy peasy for me. Then next day was a triple event day. First up was my friend Daxia Darkbyrd’s group The Blacklist was taking over the Crystal Rose for one of their always insane Blacklist on the Run gigs. They theme up and go wild, spinning great tunes and out doing each other with amazing costuming. DJ’s for the 5 hour gig were Keliana and Daxia. Keliana is one of the DJ’s who works at a favorite club I like SMASH. Daxia’s blog has a whole heap of pictures from the event ( hit the link! )


After the chaos there was over ( we managed to crash the sim at one point, heee! ) I had to dash over to slGoth’s event site for the TimeKillers opening set of my Miss, Lady Fitch Lekvoda. She was amazing too. Her set consisted of a yummy collection of indie ElectroSwing.. This is a musical genre that I have grown to love. I know if you’ve not checked out much of this style and like to get happy, then you should. There are plenty of examples on the YouTubes.


Sunday saw my dear friend DJ Eri performing at the Blacklist Bar. Eri had made a very heartfelt and cleverly interwoven tribute to David Bowie. It was bitter sweet to hear. There was a lot of the usual kinky chat going on, but my head was in the music. Eri found the right balance of love and admiration sprinkled with good curious oddities that is a trademark of Eri’s personality in general. And looked so good in a suit too, for a tentacled talented gender fluid DJ!


The weekend over, it was almost back to work for me. But not without spending some really beautiful time with Mondy.. This lady is one of my favorite DJ’s for a very good while and although she is partnered to a wonderful lady , Alex , she has been taking time to give me some much needed affection and fun. Time zones make it always feel like there is not enough time to relax, so I grab all I can in between the daily madness I normally deal with.


Lastly, I wanted to proudly share a new blog. My SL daughter Lisa has become interested in sharing her SL with the world, and she is already off to a great start. She and I are frighteningly similar in style and taste, and I adore her to bits. If you ever get to meet this girl you will quickly understand why. Go read her first few posts here .


I could add more to this post..The creation of Lady Fappington, The set by Unw0man at TimeKillers, and I am sure a half dozen other uniquely Second Life quizzical things. If something comes up, I will do another quick post to update. All the love to my tiny clutch of readers. I think my old blog had 70 daily views…now I am lucky to hit 10..*smiles*.. share it if you like it! Mwahs!.. This has been DJ Frenzy, reporting from virtualia in second life.



4 thoughts on “Dance, Magic Dance

  1. I really liked Daxia’s set a lot, as this was my first real exposure to electro-swing. There was so much sexy in the club I really couldn’t stay for long without crashing tho 😦 No wonder Mum is so tired; she parties all weekend!


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