The Curious Tale of Frenzy’s Soul ( and the Body Rebellion)


A long time ago when I was a total noob in SL, I hung out at some really seedy places. So there I was standing around Grunge Street, because I like other girls like me *wink wink*, and this tall demoness looking girl strides up and say’s “Hi There! I see your new to SL! Let’s be friends!”

She is tall, red and sexy as hell…I am such a perv I go on a wander back to her place thinking I am gonna be bent over for a good long hard ride up my heiny-hole… I am somewhat surprised as she suddenly sends me my first ever HUD…” Wot’s this for?” I ask confused. ” Oh, please..let me bite you? I am a vampire and I need blood!! it wont hurt and I will be gentle!” she begs.

Again I am totally trying to get laid, so I agree. Well! I didn’t know at the time that she needed more than my blood. Not until six months later when my big sister Jann ( a vampire herself) tells me that I lost my soul that night !!!

It has taken almost 3 years to get my soul back. Miss Fitch asked Jann to help us get it back. It sits now in a case in her little house, right next to Ashley’s ( my sister ) who lost her soul in almost the exact same way.



Ashley and me share alot of similar experiences, mainly because we became close as sisters nearly a week into my SL life. She is a different person than me in how she enjoys her life. We both have Miss to lean on, and make crazy..hehehe. Most recently Ash had a Body that means her body parts tried to revolt against Miss Fitch independently. Miss reminded her that she owned Ash body and soul, so all she had to do was hang her from a suspension bar for a couple hours to help Ash remember the facts. Needless to say, Miss won the war and the rebellion was quashed. My sister is SUCH a kook sometimes, but I love her to bits.


I have been through alot since my first days.. Don’t get me wrong, I am still an eternal perv and love to be super nawty..but experience has shown me that it takes alot of time to know a person before sex and romantic things can be trusted. Beavis almost broke my heart, but I am fine now and it is a much more secure Frenzy that has happy time with close loving people. I have my soul back, and it is where it belongs. In the care of a person who would keep it safe. 🙂




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