Tonight as I sat with my family watching a random film in world, the news came to me via Azkadellia that my number one sonic hero David Bowie had died. I was stunned at hearing it. I asked Az if I could go down to the club to spin a couple of his tunes and she graciously said yes. I wept as I played some of his songs that had, for me, more meaning.ccc_008

It seems somehow oddly fitting that I found out as I was in SL.. That is where I have more than a few times shared my love of the man’s music to people I DJ’d to. In my life David Bowie was always the soundtrack to some of the biggest moments, and certainly an inspiration to me. I feel clumsy and stupid trying to communicate just how much this person touched my life.. I was fortunate to have seen him 4 times live. I won’t ever stop sneaking his tunes into my set’s that I perform, it’s something I have done since I began DJing  in SL… There will never be another.. Will miss him very very much.


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