The new year brings new things for me. One of the ways I like to define my existence in world is not only a DJ, but also a supermodel. I know that there are actual SL careers around modeling, I’ve never gone for one. Being a supermodel is all just me being haughty and pretty. Until now. Two friends that are very dear to me are being incredibly sweet and asked me to take part in their magazine ventures. Pepite has a magazine she is creating called Staffed Girls. I was invited to be in the very first issue! I will be representing Miss Fitch’s club The Crystal Rose, so fun. I can’t wait for it to come out..the interview was pretty hilarious! Here is a raw photo from the shoot..Pep made me look really pretty!


      Also I have been asked to help out Azkadellia, owner and DJ at Trans Dimension. She is starting a magazine about a wide range of TG interests and activity’s in world more focused on our careers, fashion and lifestyles. Plenty of TG porn out there, so it’s nice to be involved in something that highlights our strengths as people. I’ll have more about this as it gets closer to being released.
     This is the new stuff happening for me, but there are a bunch of exciting things on the bubble. Miss Fitch is going to perform at the huge Goth festival starting in a little over a week from this post! I gotta get my goth gear in order! Did someone say shopping? Hehe.



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