All These Things That I’ve Done

Story’s are written in pieces sometimes. They have chapters that blurt out on to the page, but only after a writer has the experience’s to draw from. I was fortunate to have a really long extended vacation break and I spent it with those that I love, as many people do. For me those people are found in a huge and visually stunning place where anything can happen.

So while in there, I got a great deal of closure on my abandonment. I am in a House, with a central dominant that somehow keeps things moving gently forwards. She is human and can only do so much. It falls on the other family members to insert opinions that I respect, mainly because they are also in our House.

There was, of course, many nights of spinning music. I counted eight consecutive gigs in a row, including a long drunken new years eve, at Trans Dimension. That alone perhaps defined a big portion of my time I world. image

There was another thing that happened that made things special. I got closer to a person I’ve fancied from a distance, and that was amazingly fun.
I made a couple new friends too, and they are sweethearts that I think over time will add to the larger collection of oddballs I already hold dear. If I had to sum up my time in world this past two weeks, I would say the story of Frenzy Zane Lekvoda moved into a new chapter, and its getting really interesting again.


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