Feel Good Inc.

If I started out in SL and someone told me, in a spooky clairvoyant way, the things I would do and be a part of.. Well I would have not believed them. I know I got hit hard recently, and have written enough about it all. What I’ve not done enough is express the feelings I have that are positive. So forgive me, I wanna take a moment and add this post as reminder to myself that for every lying wanker, there is also a bigger and more loving circle of friends I know and am getting closer to. The number one is my SL Mistress, Lady Fitch. She has been struggling in the world to stay strong for me as I did my little downward freefall … I think she is as surprised as me that Beavis ran off the way that she did.


     Another person able to keep me positive is Lisa. She is technically my SL daughter, and I love her like that. But she surprised the hell out of me when, as I was in tears, she shared a bit of her own story. It was sobering, to say the least, and really put the actions of Beavis into proper perspective.


      Talking to Mondy directly was another moment where I got a fresh perspective. The strength she exudes is not an illusion of good pixel placement. Her calm clear manners and mildy cheeky humour give more people than me a feeling of care and love of her friends.


     Lastly I should make an effort to recognize the Angel family who, along with a couple of the DJ’s at club SMASH, stepped into my IM box and really took time to ask me about how things were going. I don’t know them super well yet, but Argent, Sierra, Zoey, Roxxie and Soda all really gave me added support and care. They know Kolt a long time and felt maybe like I could use some extra hugs.


That’s what is often surprising me most about this life I live in cyberspace. People are like that though. One person may be very toxic, but you soon see that many more are filled with light. I Love all my friends, new and old, and my family so very much. I’m a pretty damn insanely lucky girl.


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