What’s The Matter Beavis?



  Yes, time heals all wounds. I am now close to a month with no word hearing from beavis ( Kolt/Mersey/Kyrin/Kai). This person inhabits so many avi’s it’s easier to just call IT beavis, named from the amazing song by Pucifer, The Arsonist. I did for a while care if beavis was unwell, or in some dire life situation. She is not, its all empty pixel wanks for her now. After enjoying the company of more honest and connected people, I have reached a good place again. So, now I can look at beavis with some detachment.
     Beavis is a serial tiddly wank person. Most interested in getting her little willy tugged virtually, growling and RPing all fake Domme-like at people. There was a moment where beavis seemed to want to reach a little higher and learn how to DJ, music being one of her interests. Sadly her need to tug her willy overtook her patience to learn how to do something REAL.


     I’m already moved on from beavis now.. I was talking to London Callin and she was giggling because I got heavily hit on by a bunch of people the last two days. I can be more casual about cybersex, it’s not my main focus. I am in a fantastically creative circle.. Miss Fitch with her art and music, Jann building incredible vehicles, all the DJ friends of mine at TransDimension and Blacklist ( Mondy, Eri, Daxia,London, Jynxy,Azkadellia, Theta). Then the intense people like Pepite and Pira knocking out everyone with amazing design work. Beavis just set all the bridges on fire and went in search of the next sad wank. What’s the matter Beavis? Daddy didn’t love you so you burn it all down?



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