Alone Again..But not.

     I must say, the past four days have been among the hardest I ever dealt with. My GF of three months has vanished without a word. Left alone to ponder all the possible RL and SL things going on for her has me not sleeping well, not eating well and generally in a daze.
      If I could only have one single message that let me know Kolt was fine, doing other things that made her happy, I could find my centre. As I consider all the things that I would like to have for her, number one would be that she met someone very special and is wrapped in loving arms..I mean that RL and SL.
        Kolt told me just last week that the past three months have been the best in her life. I said “you mean your second life, right?”.. She said ” No, in my life!”.. In my own RL the relationship strengthened me to where I was finally able to come out to my ex in RL. A huge thing. I will always love Kolt for adding to my life and making that happen. There has been positive ripples from it that changed life here.
        A few people keep me ever hopeful she will one day let me know she’s ok. Miss Fitch said be patient. My friend Eri checks in every day, let’s me cry quietly as she plays music. And one of the only male friends I know, Argent, took time to share his long experience of how he dealt with SL loved ones disappearing. Also my family check in, try to make smile.
     So, what do I now? Be patient as Miss Fitch suggests? It’s hard, let me tell you. I can’t imagine how long to be in suspension.. I hurts ALOT. One day I hope Kolt can find a way to message me.. I would love to just know she is not hurting out there.




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