Remember and Honor TG this week

Well, ok there are a whole mob of people in SL who play using gender swapped avi’s for many reasons. In my own world I commune with those who, just like me, live TG in world and out. This week our community takes a stop to remember the RL transgendered who were killed this year, 20 just in the united states. The numbers of trans people murdered is rising, with a staggering worldwide statistic from the advocate reporting that a trans person is murdered every three days. Just for being who they want to be. If you have on your friends list anyone who lives, either in-world or out as a transgendered person, take a moment to appreciate them. If you would like to honor those lost there will be a small ceremony held at Gurlywood park on Friday ( come and light a candle anytime all day and evening), and I will be doing a small mini-set at my weekly gig at Trans Dimension.



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