A Short Self Examination

So, I ask myself this all the time. Where and how does love fit in SL .. I’m like anyone, I need affection and a sense of deeper pairing.. There have been four times I’ve tried to see if a shared experience equals true togetherness… Yes there was pixel sex involved, but that was icing on the cake if it was any good.. In all but one relationship, it was really one sided. And pretty much fell woefully short of awesome.. The girls I dated wanted to use time together to have nawty stuff.. But once they had got off, they quickly moved on.


       Then there is the question of alts.. Now, I will admit I was stunned pretty early on that you could have intense and separate ‘lives’..I guess I was pretty naive. The ethics, if that word even applies in a virtual community, around love becomes if your secretly cheating on someone who is sharing their heart with you. I know one man who, while married/partners on one ‘self’, had no qualms about dating and screwing on his other, a complete secret to his wife.
     I’m seeing a person now that, for me, completes and complements me as nearly as I’ve ever experienced via this culture I belong to. It’s not a small thing, I actually feel connected to my avi more that it being a cartoon/game character. My current love and I went through a brief tussle over her 2 ( and yes, I know there could be more.. It’s again that ethics question) alternate lives.
      We came through this intact, from what I can tell. Someone a long time ago, when I was dumped at the alter by a person with 4 identity’s, said to give up on love in SL and that people lie about alts all the time. That there is a person laughing at you as they sit online talking all lovingly. I don’t wanna live with that thought in my head, especially now I’m really feeling this person I’m with. Sorry, had to write this all down, helps that you might have read this and can sympathize.


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