Lovecraft Festival 2015 ! AWESOME!~O.O~ !!

I had the extreme privilege to take part in some of the events and even got to host one special airing of Carella Ross’s fantastic music at the festival this year! The main body of the event was focused around my very talented and creative Miss, lady Fitch. She not only spun the festival music 24/7 for over a week, but also built a cabaret, burnt it down around the guests, and performed herself a couple times…She was also the talent co-ordinator, and the various acts were SO incredible..notably the Elysium Dancers who did two sets this past week. We did collectively manage to raise about 800 USD for the charity AUTCOM ( Autism National Committee ).. So in the end it was fun and helping people, things I love about my SL… Take a LOOK AT THESE!!!

festival_003 festival_005 festival_009 festival_010 festival_013 festival_021 festival_025 festival_035 festival_041 festival_043 festival_048 festival_053


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