Hi hi hi…This blog is pretty much a non-event as far as how many peoples seem to be reading it.. I guess thats to be expected after I closed the pesky journal style one. SIGHSssss…. Oh Well, I wont let that stop me from posting the happy news that the 2015 Lovefest opens today ( Aug.15th ) and a week from now I will be the hostess there for Carella Ross!! It was on a whim I reached out to her via the interwebs, and she responded incredibly. She kindly donated her time to make a one hour set of her picks of songs, and I get to proudly be her In-World front person at the festival!

Mrs Produkt Finding Garbo flyer


If you are able to , please come to the little burnt out Cabaret Sybarite on the festival grounds and hear her music! Its amazing…if you can, download one or two of her albums and drop a few bucks into her pocket..Musicians that are self produced need to eat too!!



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