Making A Dark Dream Come True


So I took the big leap this week…I rented a quarter sim right kitty corner to my Miss, Lady Fitch’s Rose Lands !! O.O !! I couldn’t totally execute the kind of environment I wanted without help..So, Miss Fitch came and did the gardening nd helped me get the perfect design elements that tied the whole place together..It’s now called Rose House Tidewaters.. only a small area is for my new little container houses from Trompe Loeil..and a sweet looking warehouse I made into a small dance hall based on Clockwork Orange!! The Korova!! …each day I visit my place I am falling more in love with it, and I owe its dark and beautiful atmosphere to the skillful eye of Miss Fitch… here are just a few broad images to give you a tease…there is much more to the details…but maybe you will search it out and come visit!! I never lock the door! Rose House Tidewater is in the link!

vvv_003 vvv_004 vvv_005


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