There Will Be Blood

Can I please bitch a second here? I recently became excited at the idea of owning/renting land to create a little RP sim idea I have. So, I started looking around at the prices for a  decent sized plot to make my little dream come true in SL… Well guess most of you already know that virtual property is RIDICULOUSLY expensive for the average person. I was talking to a couple people I am close to and it struck me that SL in many ways is not different at all from RL. It is all about if you are wealthy. It does not matter if you are creative, clever, artfully skilled…with out a stack of throw away money you are left to bumble around with no way to share your creations with people! Now, thats the core of my bitching. I am not done searching for some way to do something, but I swear! It’s stupidly expensive to rent a space big enough to do something that perhaps many people would enjoy. I always hated rich people, who in my experience are dullards with little real creativity. Often they will exploit more creative people to design and build cool things that they love to show off as if they had anything to do with it’s creation… Sadly they hold the lands and often fill it with such mundane crap it hurts the head to look at. Sighs…my search continues, updates as they take shape. GAWD!



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