Adventuring Around

Thinking it was time to make a mention of a couple places to check out if you like seeing artful sims… I usually do this kind of virtual sight seeing with my dear Miss Fitch..


Always on the lookout for new and interesting places, Miss Fitch has a very good eye for beautiful places in SL…First up was a place called the Garden of Whimsy..a pretty place with some nice details…


Then a place I think everyone should go see is alpha.tribe….Amazing, jaw dropping cleverness…Miss pointed out that many of the things like trains and flying airships we had seen elsewhere, but here the whole place is artfully textured… There is great bunch of free group gifts and a curious duck game gives out cool prizes.. So go see these little gems and thank me later…I will be the one wearing the curious voodoo hat..


Miss Fitch is in her Curious Kittys Doll avatar, and I am wearing the Goth dress from Yasum.




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