Supah Sexeh


Ok , lets get back to what I love to wear in SL…Sexy! Skimpy! Dark!! Yay!!!…I have some clothes that simply make me desire men to stare at me…in fact tonight I had on my Razor mesh Speed Junkie dress and garter set…it has a really great fitting Slink HUD, and the main HUD has a ton of colour options..I went with black and red highlights..Now here is a funny thing about this look..I get all tummy flutters and want to do reeeeally bad things when I wear it…but, as I was out with my Miss shopping, I had to be good…but I did spot a guy trying out a couples pose in a furniture store alone, and I did kinda…sorta…well..hop in his lap and sneak a smooch!!….*moans!* I blame the dress!!! Miss frowned, I giggled…the poor doofus vanished..prolly was afk anyways..haha!!



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