Reading Ebbe Talking

Well, one of my few followers ZZBottom, kindly shared a post ( Thanks ZZ !!) of Ebbe Linden yapping his head off about many things Sansar and it here….It made my eye’s twinkle a little. There was some of my own questions answered, even though Ebbe only hinted at what direction the new place is going to be like. It has to be hard to re-envision an entire virtual planet, and the residents of his most used platform have for the most part gotten very comfy in SL1.


Sansar for now is a big work in progress..the Linden team is faced with how to make users both embrace the place as a home, and also the finer things that are way out of my possible understanding…banking, taxes, land costs..basically the things that will add dollars back into the project, are not totally worked out..I guess they are already working with the more techno savvy people they feel comfortable with. This scares me a bit to be honest.. I mean, the builders of many of my favorite sims like Insilico ( Skillz Hack ) have perhaps reached the creative plateau already? Make it all over again? Does that mean Insilico would shut down in SL because it’s cheaper to house it in Sansar? I do still want answers, and like most people I know,we can’t see cheaper land being enough of a reason to abandon SL1 ( although he implied that both places will exist connected to one’s main account). So I am still left wondering things. My friend Lisa has taken two years of working for virtual peanuts dancing as stripper in SL’s nightclubs just to get to where she is happy with her appearance and belongings..I am certain she is not alone in thinking, what now? Another cycle of small time endeavours ( if they even will exist as ‘jobs’) just to afford to look and ‘feel’ connected to her avatar? Is Sansar the virtual equivalent of the rich and famous, enjoying a virtual life, over those who don’t have much money? So, lots to think about..I’ll keep on DJing and enjoying my SL as it is now..but it would be nice to have a candid conversation with one of the Lindens..suckers are hard to track down.fff_003


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