Bad Motor Scooter

Here is maybe part one of a look at some of my many motor bikes i like to ride in SL…Being who I am , I am a bit vain about how I look on a bike, and if it goes with my wardrobe ..giggles… I am wearing a new vest by BikerBratz..I added custom patches because I am not in a MC..these were taken at the rally I went to this weekend..because of some sort of code I am not allowed to name the rally sponsors, but that’s ok..I can respect that. This first bike is a Picasa chopper for ladies..a DLF2..really sexeh and easy to handle.


I really like how it looks more than how it rides…now for ridint AND looks I prefer my Knucklehead bike from Q’s motors…They make some of the MOST detailed bikes around, and sort of afforadable…well worth the money i spent as you get 3 different versions and can even easily modify the fenders and gas tank as I did to mine…rule britannia, hehe..

eee_004  In second life, there are endless things to do using creations made by some of the most talented people.. I like art, I love music..but for fun if I am gonna look like a bad ass biker chick it’s gonna be in my follow up post on motor bikes I will show off the ones I set records on…perhaps not as detailed and sexy but for many reasons I can think of, awesome too…



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