Simple Complexity


I been reading some of the posts by Frau Brisket ( her SL name is Jo Yardley, a particularly prudish snob from the 1920’s berlin sim ) where she is all agog at the mere hints and whispers that the Lindens are leaking about Sansar…basically SL2. I took what I had read to my second most favorite place in SL, Hard Rock Evolutions. I spoke in local chat about what’s being said about the newer better SL coming down the road.. The overall sense I get from people is that it had better be able to move belongings over, and SEX…yes yes…the most ignored and taboo subject by the Lindens is pixel sex…Jo Yardley seems the type to be quite happy if nudity and BDSM clubs are banned in Sansar, and in some respects she might have her dream of bland but shiny avatars come true… Sansar is going to be a huge place, and supposedly will encourage the same ‘community’ spirit that lives now on SL1..but I can read between the lines.. The lack of open discussion around what has for many thousands of people been a really special thing about SL1, strikes me as they are waiting to drop the shoe on users.. I could help them out easily, I am smart and have ideas. I totally understand that they want the kiddies and grandmas to come play in Sansar, prolly more than they want the huge cocked demoness with the diminutive sissy girl in pink collar dragging behind her. If they are honest with the business that has most thrived, from dancer poles to pixel penises, it has been sexuality and it’s many expressions that has created so many of the activities and communities in SL1..hell, do a search on any topic in the in-world browser and I dare you to find a keyword that does NOT have sex based groups or sims… well, if they don’t do this right, they could find Sansar populated by 12 year olds with Jo Yardley running around yelling at them to get that skirt below the knee line young lady, tuck in that shirt young man!! Gawd help us all.



3 thoughts on “Simple Complexity

  1. Ebbe does not agree, check here:
    I guess my biggest annoyance is people intolerance for various types of content. and when you look at the content in the real world, and people’s tolerance for that content in the real world. Then suddenly, when it’s in a virtual space, then it’s, “Oh my God!” Then there’s like a different level of acceptance for all kinds of content for some reason.

    And that annoys me. So whatever the subject matter is, I can always draw a parallel to how it’s always “so much worse”, or it has just as much interesting stuff going on in the real world as in Second Life, whether it’s art, whether it’s sex, whether it’s whatever it is, all of this stuff is all around us in the real world, so why would it not be completely reasonable and acceptable to also have it in a virtual world. That’s maybe the most annoying part; when people don’t get that.


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