Vehicle Fun !!


Something gradual has taken place for me over time in second life. I have found that I love the different vehicles one can enjoy there. My first love is motor bikes, but I want to do a singular post about JUST this post is about the other ways I like to travel. My friends Terra and Lisa both enjoy boats, and I didn’t think much of that until I went on Terra’s PT Boat. I was at the SL 12th birthday thing and got my own battle barge, and I took it for a dip…it was easy to sail and all I need is a crew now!ggg_004 ggg_003

Another freebie from the party was a super cool MIG fighter…now flying in SL is a real challenge, but this jet had an auto leveler, so I never went upside down and crashing into peoples houses…don’t laugh, I’ve done it!



My most favorite thing lately is driving hard in my new cars… I have two that I just love from Exquisite motors..a fast moving one called the Furai..and my little cutey drift car the Dragon MK 5.. I really get off on trying like hell to set lap times on a few places..Route 101 and Racers Island…I am always wondering how people are getting 11 second laps…might be my computer lags out at 300 mph!! Ha!

ddd_001 ddd_002

I am mostly in SL to be a sexy DJ, and I do that much better than I used’s certainly my first love in SL ( gawd knows I don’t ever get hit on) so music and shopping are first..but more and more, vehicular mayhem is fast becoming my second second life ( that makes sense, right? )..Ha!



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